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The Canadian Dream is inspiring us to Find New Roads as a car company. For over 100 years, we’ve been shaped by the Canadian Dream. By the people, places and things that move this country forward. The dream is now stronger than ever. So we drove across the country to capture it. See how the dream has inspired us along the way—and how it continues to inspire the programs we support, the cars we build and everything else we do.
Melissa Lowe, from Edmonton, Alberta, is a Canadian bobsled hopeful and Chevrolet Cruze owner. An extremely proud Canadian, it’s Melissa's dream to represent our country at the highest level. But, training to become a world-class bobsled pilot isn't easy. In fact, Melissa travels 608km, three times a week, from her home in Edmonton to her training facility in Calgary, just to practice.  That's a lot of driving, even for an aspiring bobsled pilot. This is why Melissa needed a safe and reliable car with the latest technology to help her achieve her dream. So she bought 'Bullet', her beloved Chevrolet Cruze, and occasional training partner (that’s another story). With Bullet, Melissa stays connected to what's important: coaches, friends, parents, and her entire support system when she's out on the road.   We're inspired by Canadians like Melissa, who are pursuing their Canadian Dream every single day.
The Parkin family had an incredible Canadian dream. Before their two kids, Madelyn and Liam, got too old, Blake and his wife Jen wanted to experience all that Canada had to offer as a family. So to make their dream a reality, they sold almost everything owned and hit the road in their Chevrolet equinox.  For an entire year, from PEI to the Yukon, the Parkin family collected over 80,000km and even more memories. From wildlife, to snow-covered mountains, to beautiful towns and cities, they saw it all, growing closer as family everyday.  To take a road trip of this magnitude, the Parkin family decided to buy an equinox because it was safe, reliable and roomy enough to be their home on the road. For them, it was the perfect family vehicle with everything they needed to explore our country and live their Canadian dream.   We’re inspired by families like the Parkins: who know that our experiences make us richer than our possessions.
Image of Melissa
Image of Parkins
MEET GORD BICKELL Gord Bickell wants to help less fortunate folks in communities around his home of Little Current, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.  After retiring, Gord thought he’d be bored. Nothing has been further from the truth. Because, along with his wife and daughter, Gord collects and delivers fresh food for the local charity: The Good Food Box. He also tows around his portable sawmill to help build planter boxes which allow locals to grow their own food and to help his daughter renovate her new home.    He’s not doing it for the recognition or the accolades. Gord knows that in the Canadian Dream we all look out for each other. That’s why all the food he collects might not be the biggest thing he’s ever hauled with his Silverado, but it just might be the most important.  We’re inspired by good people like Gord who are always there, ready to lend a hand.
Image Of Gord Bickel
It’s a make the world a better place kind of dream. This kitchen’s door is open to everyone. PIN Toronto, ON
Video of the Women of Newcomer Kitchen.
The women of Newcomer Kitchen.
Cara Benjamin-Pace started Newcomer Kitchen with one purpose in mind: to help Syrian newcomers find a sense of community. Her project is giving these women a space to share their culture and settle into their new homes. Newcomer Kitchen welcomes everyone and we’re proud to help share their mission.
A group of people practicing Tai Chi.
A group of people practicing Tai Chi.
The Chevrolet #GoodDeedsCup  We created the second most important trophy in hockey. To recognize the dedication of Canadian peewee hockey players off the ice, we created the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup—awarded to the team that performs the most impressive good deed in their community. See who won the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup.
Video of a woman giving dance instruction to another woman in a wheelchair at the Corpuscule Danse Company.
In this dream, we all get to where we want to go. Anyone can express themselves. PIN Montreal, QC
France Geoffroy is the founder and artistic director of the Corpuscule Danse company. Working with world-renowned choreographers, she developed an integrated dance movement for all of us. We’re inspired by France’s commitment to helping Canadians find new ways to express themselves.
A woman giving another woman dance instruction at the Corpuscule Danse Company.
What does the hashtag Canadian Dream mean to you? Share your story in a social post with hashtag Canadian Dream and tell us how the dream inspires you.
Success is measured differently in this dream. One person’s work can help an industry. PIN Peggy’s Cove, NS
Fisherman Wayne Manuel, tying down a rope in his fishing boat.
GIF of Fisherman Wayne Manuel working in his fishing boat.
Wayne Manuel has worked hard to do what he loves. This fourth-generation fisherman has been selling lobsters as far back as the third grade. He believes Canada’s small towns are important, and does his part every day to support his local industry. We believe it’s Canadians like Wayne that drive us all forward.
View of a young boy lying on the floor under a chair.
View of a young boy lying on the floor under a chair.
View of two people hugging.
Samareh Kooshandeh is the founder of Vancouver Free Hugs. What started out as a way to make friends quickly turned into a movement. It was beautiful to witness her group connecting to Canadians and making their day brighter—without a single word. “It’s the silent way of saying, ‘You matter to me.’ ”
In this dream, people care about people they’ve never met. A small gesture can make a big difference. PIN Vancouver, BC
GIF of people involved in the Free Hugs movement.