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Street credibility. Track day glory.

Available Performance Data Recorder (PDR)

Capture acceleration speed, braking, gear choice and sound – designed to make you one with the car. The Cosworth Toolbox analyzes performance and lap metrics to give you an in-depth understanding of on-track performance. When you’re away from the track, this available feature acts like a dashcam with auto-record and is equipped with Valet Mode to monitor the use of your Corvette when others are behind the wheel, allowing you to hand off your car with peace of mind.

Front Lift

Let nothing stand in your way. This available system raises the front of your Corvette almost two inches in less than three seconds at low speeds so you can clear low obstacles like speed bumps or steep driveways. And since it remembers up to 1,000 GPS locations, it works seamlessly within your world.

Driver modes

With the turn of a meticulously designed dial, everything changes. The Driver Mode Selector lets you electronically calibrate up to 12 performance variables on-screen to ready your Stingray for any road. My Mode and Z Mode let you personalize performance even further, allowing you to save your settings between drives.