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Easy Charging

Living electric means saying goodbye to gas stations and hello to open roads. You could charge while you shop, work or do whatever else you want to do with your time.

  • Chevrolet will cover standard installation of a Level 2 charging outlet for eligible customers who purchase or lease a new 2022 or 2023 Bolt EUV or Bolt EV, helping even more people experience how easy it is to live electric. In collaboration with Qmerit, the offer gives customers access to faster charging right where they want it – at home. 

  • Dual Level Charge Cord comes standard on 2023 Bolt EUV and select 2023 Bolt EV. It is a changeable plug for both 120-volt Level 1 charging and 240-volt Level 2 charging that may eliminate the need for an extra wall-mounted charger.

  • A new Ultium PowerUP charging unit is now available through your dealer’s parts department and provides efficient at home level 2 charging up to 11.5 kW (48 amps), providing increased charging capability compared to the Dual Level Charge Cord 7.7 kW with a convenient 25 ft charging cord, Bluetooth® and WiFi® connectivity. 

  • The MyChevrolet Mobile App with EV Access and Maps helps you plan your route and find charging on the go at many public charging points across Canada and the U.S.