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Level 2   
Home Charging Units   

Ultium PowerUP 11.5 kW Wall Charger

  • The recommended charging solution for those wanting the fastest home charging.
  • An 11.5 kW (48 amp) hardwired charging unit can fully recharge the 2022/2023 Bolt EV or 2022/2023 Bolt EUV battery in about 7 hours.
  • The ability to plug in to a NEMA 14-50 outlet for 9.6 kW/40-amp output.
  • Allows for indoor or outdoor mounting.
  • Includes a convenient 25-foot charging cord that is easy to connect and convenient to store.
  • Bluetooth® enabled and Wi-Fi® connectivity.
  • UL Certified and Energy Star Certified.
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles with an SAE J1772 vehicle connector.
  • A quick way to top off before going out on the town or taking a last minute trip.