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If your vehicle is compatible with OnStar Smart Driver, it can provide you with information on your driving behaviour on the myChevrolet Mobile App. If you choose to enroll, you’ll get tips with information you can use to help you become a better driver.

How it works

You can access your OnStar Smart Driver information on the  myChevrolet Mobile App. The myChevrolet Mobile App is compatible with most Android™† and Apple®† devices. You can easily download the my Mobile App from the App Store® or Google Play.

From the app’s home screen, tap the MORE icon in the lower right corner, then Onstar Smart Driver. There, you can review a monthly summary report and get tips to help improve your driving skills.

Enrolling in Onstar Smart Driver

You can enroll in Onstar Smart Driver from the myChevrolet Mobile App. From the app’s home screen, tap the MORE icon in the lower right corner, the Onstar Smart Driver. The app will walk you through the steps to enroll.

Viewing trip data

Once you’re enrolled, you can access a Onstar Smart Driver report that will show you a summary of driving information, including:

  • Total number of hard braking events
  • Total number of hard acceleration events
  • High-speed driving percentage (above 128 kph/80 mph)
  • Late-night driving percentage (between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.)
  • Total kilometres driven
  • Current Onstar Smart Driver score
  • Historical Onstar Smart Driver score
  • Tips on how to become a smarter driver
  • Average speed
  • Estimated Fuel economy


Once you’ve accumulated some driving data, it will be displayed in the Driving Activity page on  the myChevrolet Mobile App. This is where you can view a list of driving tips and a map that displays hard acceleration and hard braking events. The Driving Activity page will also show you different event details and how those events correlate to your Onstar Smart Driver score. 

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What are the requirements to enroll in Onstar Smart Driver?

To enroll in Onstar Smart Driver, you must be an OnStar or Connected Services Member with Connected Access or other eligible service plan, live in the U.S. or Canada, and own an eligible vehicle.

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