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If equipped, Super Cruise™† is the first true hands-free driving technology for compatible highways. If your vehicle has this feature and you are not able to turn it on, here are some possible reasons it may be unavailable.

Do This First

When Super Cruise is Not Available

Do This First

First, make sure you are on a compatible highway, all system conditions are met and you are following the correct steps to turn on Super Cruise.

When Super Cruise is Not Available

Super Cruise may not be available or may disengage when it is active, based on several operating conditions. If this happens, you can find out why by using the SUPER CRUISE button on your steering wheel to view Driver Information Centre messages.
  • If the Super Cruise symbol does not appear, press the SUPER CRUISE button to display a message about why the system is unavailable
  • If Super Cruise disengages, press the SUPER CRUISE button (within 10 seconds) to display a message with the reason for disengagement
  • If your Super Cruise service has ended and you do not renew it, you’ll see a Driver Information Centre message that says either “Unavailable, GPS Signal Lost,” “Unavailable, Press OnStar Button” or “Subscription Required, Press OnStar Button,” depending on your vehicle

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Are there any cameras or sensors I need to keep clean for Super Cruise to work?

Yes. There is a forward-facing camera and radar sensors on all sides of the vehicle that must be kept clean. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for the locations of these sensors.

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