About Front Pedestrian Braking About Front Pedestrian Braking

If your vehicle has this available feature, Front Pedestrian Braking can help you avoid or reduce the severity of a front-end collision with a pedestrian it detects directly ahead of you. It provides pedestrian alerts and can even automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver’s hard braking. The system works at speeds below 80 km/hr during the daytime. It has limited nighttime and low visibility performance.

How It Works

When in FORWARD gear, Front Pedestrian Braking uses a camera to look directly ahead of your vehicle and monitor moving or stationary pedestrians in front of you.

An amber pedestrian icon is displayed in the instrument cluster when a nearby pedestrian is detected ahead. When approaching a detected pedestrian too quickly, it will provide a red flashing windshield alert.

Additionally, you’ll hear eight high-pitched front beeps or feel five both-side Safety Alert Seat pulses if your vehicle is equipped with that available feature and depending on your selected alert type.

You can disable or customize Front Pedestrian Braking in your vehicle’s Settings menu. You can turn it Off, set it to Alert only, or Alert and Brake.

When Front Pedestrian Braking Detects a Potential Collision

If Front Pedestrian Braking detects the vehicle is about to crash into a pedestrian directly ahead of it, and the brakes have not been applied, it may automatically apply hard emergency braking. Front Pedestrian Braking can also enhance your own hard braking.


You can override the system at any time by pressing the accelerator or by braking. If the system slows your vehicle to a complete stop, you can release the brakes with the ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE switch or by firmly pressing the accelerator pedal.

Things to Remember About Front Pedestrian Braking

Front Pedestrian Braking may not detect all pedestrians in all situations. Examples of its limitations include:


  • Front Pedestrian Braking may not detect children
  • When the pedestrian is not directly ahead of your vehicle, is not fully visible, is not standing upright or is part of a group
  • Poor visibility conditions, including nighttime, fog, rain or snow, or if the front camera is blocked by dirt, snow or ice. Keep the windshield in front of the camera lens clean
  • Carefully read your Owner’s Manual for system limitations. Check the “Driver Assistance Systems” section of the Owner’s Manual for a diagram that shows the location of the feature’s camera and how to clean it

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What might prevent Front Pedestrian Braking from working as intended?

If the system’s camera sensor is covered or not properly cleaned (e.g., if the windshield is covered with frost or snow), or under bad weather or poor visibility conditions, the system might not function as intended. Be sure to keep the windshield in front of the camera sensor clean.

Can I use the feature when driving at night or in low visibility conditions?

Performance of the Front Pedestrian Braking system is significantly limited at night or in low visibility conditions.

Does Front Pedestrian Braking detect bicyclists, scooters or animals?

No. Front Pedestrian Braking is only designed to detect pedestrians.

Does Front Pedestrian Braking detect small children or groups of pedestrians?

Front Pedestrian Braking may not detect pedestrians, including children, when the pedestrian is not directly ahead, fully visible, standing upright or part of a group.

Can I override automatic braking?

Yes. You can override the feature’s automatic braking with hard acceleration or by applying your own hard braking.

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