EV Charging

Learn about charging your Electric Vehicle (EV), and how to use the different types of charging at home and at public charging stations.

How To

How to Use DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging allows you to quickly charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) at certain public charging stations. Learn how it works and general operating instructions.

How To

How to Use Dual Level Charge Cord

The Dual Level Charge Cord features a three-pronged 120-volt plug and a four-pronged 240-volt plug. Learn how to use this cord to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) at home or at a charging location.


About Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Information about the different types of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging (Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Charging), finding a public charging station, plugging in your vehicle, monitoring your energy and charging status, and maximizing your EV range.

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