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If you are having issues with your phone’s available Bluetooth®† connection, in many instances all it takes to resolve the problem is to delete and reconnect your phone.

Do This First

Sometimes, you may have trouble with Bluetooth because your phone’s software is out of date. So, before you do anything else, make sure you have the latest software version updated on your phone.

Delete and Reconnect Your Phone

Delete your phone from your vehicle’s list of paired devices:


1. With the vehicle on, use the vehicle touch screen to go to the list of paired devices.
2. Select the phone name.
3. Select Delete.
4. Confirm that the phone name has been removed from the list of paired devices.


Remove the vehicle from your phone’s list of paired devices:


1. In phone settings, choose Bluetooth.
2. Find the vehicle name in the list of paired devices.
3. Choose Delete or Forget This Connection.


After removing both connections:


1. Turn the vehicle off.
2. Open and close the vehicle door.
3. Wait two minutes.
4. Pair your phone to the vehicle again.

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My phone is paired but won’t connect to Bluetooth.

Check your phone’s and vehicle’s paired devices lists to ensure that the connection is active. If it is in one of these lists but is not active, simply select the phone or vehicle you’d like to connect. If you are still experiencing issues, you will need to delete and pair again by following the initial pairing instructions.

My vehicle tries to connect to an old phone.

Delete the phone that is no longer in use from your vehicle’s paired devices list.

My phone randomly unpairs from my vehicle.

When you pair a phone with a vehicle, it involves a process of exchanging security credentials to allow your vehicle to gain access to it. An encryption key is generated and if the key is lost by either your phone or the vehicle, they may need to be paired with each other again.

My phone won’t automatically connect to Bluetooth.

Select the phone or vehicle you’d like to connect. In most vehicles, you can only have one active Bluetooth connection at a time when your vehicle is on. Check your phone’s and vehicle’s paired devices lists to see which phone is active. The system defaults to the last paired device used in your vehicle. If that device isn’t active, it goes down the list of paired devices until it finds one that is active.



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