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The myChevrolet® mobile app can help simplify your electric vehicle experience by helping you find charging stations, plan a route and more. It also gives you access to vehicle information, like your charge level, using your compatible phone. These features require an active service plan.


Learn more about the mobile app and how to get started.

Charge Status in the mobile app

When you open the app, your current state of charge and charge status are displayed as a tile on the home screen.

  • View current charge level as a percentage and range value (kilometres), and if the vehicle is plugged in/unplugged/actively charging.
  • If it is plugged in and scheduled to charge, the estimated completion time is displayed.
  • Tap the tile to access the full Charge Status page, which offers additional information:
    • View the type of charger being used (e.g., portable cordset, DC Fast Charging, etc.).
    • View settings for the current location (charge limit, charge mode, etc.).
    • View charging notifications and alerts (e.g., plug-in reminder, charge interrupted).

EV Features in the mobile app

Tap the MAP icon on the app’s home screen to view your range on a map, search for charging stations, see your vehicle’s location and more. For the best experience, set up your home/work locations during the initial walk-through or through the screen search.

  • Explore range:
    • Tap the EXPLORE RANGE icon to see how far you can travel and return back based on your current state of charge, represented by a dotted line.
    • You’ll see an alert if you’re outside the range of your home charging location.
  • Nearby charging stations: 
    • From the Map screen, tap the Places or Stations tab beneath the search bar or use the SEARCH icon to view charging stations at a different destination (e.g., if you’re travelling to another city).
    • Tap the FILTER icon (a funnel) to customize the search results (e.g., charging provider, type of charging station, charging station power, plug and charge capability).
    • Tap a station to view details like availability, user reviews, images and more.
    • Search for Points of Interest (POIs), such as restaurants or shopping, near the station.
  • Route planning: 
    • If your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and you’re connected, after searching for a location or charging station, tap Plan Route to navigate to the destination or tap the ARROW icon on the map to access route planning.
    • Open the directions in your preferred navigation app (use Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ to access in the vehicle, if your vehicle is equipped with those features).
    • Adjust the settings for your trip as needed (e.g., change your battery on departure if you plan to charge before the trip, add Return Home if needed).
    • You can tap Start Driving to monitor your route.

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On some vehicles, you can switch between cruise control modes by pressing and holding the CANCEL button. Check your Owner's Manual for more information.

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