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Driver Attention Assist can provide alerts if it detects you’re distracted or drowsy. If severe drowsiness is identified, you’re presented with options such as phone a friend, place an OnStar® call or navigate to the nearest place of interest.

How It Works

Unless you’ve temporarily disabled it, Driver Attention Assist is active each time you turn your vehicle on. Your vehicle must be in forward motion and travelling above a certain speed.


Driver Attention Assist uses cameras to warn you when it detects drowsy or distracted behavior. It looks for signs of drowsiness, such as yawning or blink pattern.

Types of Driver Attention Assist Alerts

Depending on how drowsy the system detects you are, you may get these alerts:

  • Level 1: You’re aware you’re drowsy but need no effort to keep awake.
    • You’ll see a white coffee cup icon in your cluster display and hear a chime. Or, if your vehicle has Safety Alert Seat and it’s selected as the alert type, you’ll feel a Safety Alert seat pulse.
  • Level 2: You’re aware you’re drowsy and need some effort to keep awake (e.g., by playing music, rolling down the windows, etc.).
    • You’ll see a yellow coffee cup icon in your cluster display and hear a chime (or feel a Safety Alert seat pulse).
  • Level 3: You’re showing signs of severe exhaustion and are fighting to stay awake or drifting in and out of sleep.
    • You’ll see a red coffee cup icon in your cluster display and hear several chimes (or feel Safety Alert seat pulses).
    • You’ll see options asking you if you’d like to take a break, call a friend or navigate to a nearby point of interest (e.g., coffee shop, hotel, gas station, etc.). You can also call an OnStar Advisor.

About Attention Alert

Attention Alert is active when your vehicle is in forward motion and travelling above a certain speed. It looks for distracted driving by tracking your eye gaze location.


You’ll receive a distracted alert if it detects the driver’s eyes are off road.


When the feature detects distraction, you’ll receive a message in the cluster display that says, “Distraction Detected Keep Eyes on Road.” You’ll also hear a chime or feel a Safety Alert Seat pulse (if your vehicle has this and it’s selected in alert type menu).

Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for a driver’s responsibility to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. A driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings, and road conditions at all times. Visibility, weather, and road conditions may affect feature performance. Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual for important feature limitations and information.

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How can I customize my alerts for Driver Attention Assist or Attention Alert?

Alerts can be customized through the vehicle Settings menu, under Driver Attention Assist.

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